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Symposium Highlight November 29, 2022

The Couple Who Changed Me

Help Can Come from Unexpected Sources

The strongest couples are the ones who are open to help—the ones who can surround themselves with allies, inviting others into the trenches with them. Read more

Symposium Highlight September 24, 2021

Therapy in the Age of Trump

Becoming "Connectors and Trust-Builders"

William Doherty offered an expanded vision of therapy and outlined concrete steps therapists can take as “connectors and trust-builders” to address the... Read more

Symposium Highlight September 24, 2021

The Physics of Vulnerability

And the Courage to Show Up

Bestselling author Brené Brown’s opening keynote address ignited the Symposium audience with its call to take risks and have the courage to be vulnerable. Read more

Symposium Highlight October 21, 2020

Training the Heart and Mind

A Message from Jack Kornfield

Clinical psychologist and author Jack Kornfield has been instrumental in bringing mindfulness to Western audiences. With candor and humor, he shares a moving... Read more

Symposium Highlight September 30, 2020

Living with Life's Uncertainties

Wisdom from Rick Hanson's Networker Symposium Keynote

Rick Hanson describes how becoming more mindful of our body and thoughts, and the link between the two, can make us happier and less afraid of life's... Read more

Symposium Highlight September 16, 2020

VIDEO: Love in Lockdown

Esther Perel Shares the Trends She's Been Seeing with Her Clients

Couples therapist and bestselling author Esther Perel explains how life in quarantine is changing the dynamics of romantic relationships, and what this means... Read more

Symposium Highlight September 9, 2020

The Assaulted Sense of Self

Rethinking How We Talk about Race

Therapist and author Ken Hardy speaks on the toll that micro and macro assaults on dignity take on the lives of people of color, challenging therapists to... Read more

Symposium Highlight August 19, 2020

Tara Brach on Finding Possibility in Tough Times

Awakening Radical Loving and Compassion

During the 2020 Networker Virtual Symposium, renowned Buddhist teacher and psychologist Tara Brach explained how, even in the midst of the stress, anxiety, and... Read more

Symposium Highlight August 5, 2020

VIDEO: Making Talking About Race Your Work

A Therapist's Call to Action

Too many Black people are living in a wall-less prison, says therapist Ken Hardy, where they're constantly calibrating their lives based on the expectations of... Read more

Symposium Highlight July 29, 2020

VIDEO: The Dance of Healthy Connection

Sue Johnson on EFT and Attachment Theory

What does Attachment Theory tell us? That emotion is the most powerful force in the therapy room, says couples therapist Sue Johnson, developer of Emotionally... Read more

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