The Long, Lonely Trek to Licensure

Is Becoming a Therapist Harder than Ever?

Many beginning therapists are burning out and leaving the field before they’re able to gain their professional footing. How can we support them better? Read more

Am I A Good Therapist Yet?

Reconciling Professional Ideals with Reality

Finding Your Way As a New Clinician

Three Tips to Guide Your First Session

Join Us for the World’s Premier Psychotherapy Conference

Be part of this practice-transforming experience that will equip you with the latest insight and tools you can use with your clients TODAY. Learn from our field’s leading experts, including Janina Fisher, Frank Anderson, Deb Dana, Ramani Durvasula, and many more! Access next-level skills and insight on therapy’s most important topics. Plus, you’ll earn up to a year’s worth of CE hours while having the most fun you’ll ever have at a professional conference!


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What Do Therapists Know?

Learning and Growing Alongside Our Clients

As therapists, we get to explore the mysteries of being human for a living—and to apply what we learn to our own lives. How amazing is that? Read more

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