VIDEO: Bill Doherty on the New Challenges of Social Engagement

Being an Effective, Ethical Therapist in an Age of Political Upheaval

What does it mean to be a dutiful citizen and an effective therapist in the modern day? This is the central question Bill Doherty posed in his keynote address at the 2017 Networker Symposium. In the following video clip from that speech, Doherty explains how we can effectively and ethically deal with political stress in the consulting room.

Brain Science in Clinical Practice: Applying the Power of Neuroscience to Heal Trauma, Attachment, Shame and More

Revolutionary advances in the field of neuroscience continue to present new opportunities for therapeutic breakthroughs—regardless of what form of therapy you practice. Join some of the leading experts on applying brain science in clinical practice, including Janina Fisher, Linda Graham, Rick Hanson, Bruce Ecker, Sara Bridges and Noel Larson, and discover proven treatment techniques that you can…