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Ready or Not, AI Is Here

What If Therapy Bots Become Too Good?

The Bot Will See You Now

My Illuminating Chat with Pi

Is the Soul of Therapy For Sale?

When Private Equity Infiltrates Our Practice

The New Supervision

Are We Meeting the Needs of Today’s Therapists?

The Long, Lonely Trek to Licensure

Is Becoming a Therapist Harder than Ever?
Video February 15, 2024

Using AI to Be Better Therapists

A Conversation with Heather Hessel

Will people really turn to a human if a “humanly enough” chatbot is available? What if human-to-human therapy becomes accessible only to a privileged few? Read more

Video February 8, 2024

AI in Therapy

A Conversation with Matthias Barker

What happens when AI enters the therapy room? Therapist influencer Matthias Barker chats with Networker editor in chief Livia Kent. Read more

Article February 6, 2024

So, You Want to be a Couples Therapist?

Getting Started in Couples Counseling

An experienced clinician shares how emerging therapists can get started in couples therapy. Read more

Article January 17, 2024

Janina Fisher explores how to help your clients heal the parts of self-hatred and treat attachment trauma. Read more

Article January 4, 2024

This issue explores our work as therapists in the shadow of AI as well as how professional and personal lives collide. Read more

Article January 3, 2024

Saying Goodbye to Work You Love

How Do Therapists Know When It's Time to Retire?

The uniqueness of a psychotherapist’s job can make it hard to let go of. Read more