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Point of View November 3, 2023

Babette Rothschild on What’s Missing in Trauma Work

Choosing the Tools that Fit Your Client

Author Babette Rothschild reminds us that humans have recovered from trauma for thousands of years without our favorite therapy approaches. Read more

Mirror Mirror

Emotion in the Consulting Room is More Contagious Than We Thought

Empathy may be the life's blood of good therapy, but scientifically, it's remained a rather fuzzy concept. Now a serendipitous lab discovery is showing how... Read more

Babette Rothschild

Babette Rothschild, MSW, has been a psychotherapist and body psychotherapist since 1976 and a teacher and trainer since 1992. She is the author of seven books, (translated into more than a eighteen languages including Danish, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese) all published by WW Norton. Revolutionizing Trauma Treatment (2017, 2021); her classic bestseller, The Body Remembers (2000); The Body Remembers CASEBOOK (2003); Help for the Helper (Revised and Expanded 2022); 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery (2010) and 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery WORKBOOK (2022); and Trauma Essential (2010). She is the Series Editor of the WW Norton 8 Keys to Mental Health Series (20 titles and growing!). After living and working for 9 years in Copenhagen, Denmark she returned to her native Los Angeles. There she is writing her next books while she continues to lecture, train, and supervise professional psychotherapists worldwide. For more information, visit her website: