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A Puncturing of the Soul

Facing Racial Trauma and Internalized Devaluation

If clinicians continue to assert that "trauma is trauma," the uniqueness treating racial trauma will remain on the margins of what we extol as best practice. Read more

Healing the Invisible Wounds of Racial Trauma in Therapy

A Conversation with Kenneth V. Hardy

Networker discusses racially-sensitive, trauma-informed interventions and strategies with Dr. Kenneth V. Hardy. Read more

Soul Work

Recovering Our Voices

Almost 20 years ago, an editorial experience writing about a racial trauma at the hands of police resulted in a lasting friendship and an article that... Read more

Symposium Highlight September 9, 2020

The Assaulted Sense of Self

Rethinking How We Talk about Race

Therapist and author Ken Hardy speaks on the toll that micro and macro assaults on dignity take on the lives of people of color, challenging therapists to... Read more

Symposium Highlight August 5, 2020

VIDEO: Making Talking About Race Your Work

A Therapist's Call to Action

Too many Black people are living in a wall-less prison, says therapist Ken Hardy, where they're constantly calibrating their lives based on the expectations of... Read more

A Black Therapist in America

Speaking Out Against Learned Voicelessness

Black people know all too well that their daily experience of racism doesn’t matter unless it interferes with the lives of the white mainstream. As a result... Read more

Symposium Highlight July 24, 2019

VIDEO: The Assaulted Sense of Self

Voicelessness in Black America

How much has the therapy profession confronted race in America? At what point do therapists need to join the conversation? And how might they do so? In... Read more

Making Space for Race

Creating and Holding Connection with Black Teenagers

Therapy with teenagers has to be about creating and holding a connection. As a therapist, I'm like a spider trying to lure my clients into a web that will... Read more

VIDEO: Ken Hardy on Getting Through to Inner City Youth

Helping Traumatized Kids Discover Their Inner Resources

In its coverage of race-related discord, the media has fixed on lurid images of violence and destruction without providing much context for understanding the... Read more

When All Else Fails

Stories of Vulnerability and Possibility

The self-assurance of expert practitioners who publicly present their work can lead everyday therapists to believe that psychotherapy is a far more predictable... Read more

Then, Now & Tomorrow

Oral Histories of Psychotherapy 1978-2017

A group of innovators and leaders look back over different realms of therapeutic practice and offer their view of the eureka moments, the mistakes and... Read more

The View From Black America

Listening to the Untold Stories

Many poor, young, black people see themselves as trapped behind a wall-less prison with no exits. They know all too well that their daily experience—whether... Read more

The View From Black America

Listening to the Untold Stories

Many poor, young, black people see themselves as trapped behind a wall-less prison with no exits. They know all too well that their daily experience—whether... Read more

Manualized psychotherapy is squeezing out people on the margins of mainstream society. Read more

To Self-Disclose, or Not to Self-Disclose?

Ken Hardy on Why Not Self-Disclosing Can Hurt Therapy

Psychotherapy Networker Founder Rich Simon talks to Ken Hardy about how self-disclosure is part of the power structure in the therapy room. Read more

VIDEO: Finding the Hero in Troubled Youth

Ken Hardy on Trauma Treatment that Taps into the Hero that Resides in All Youth

PN Founder Rich Simon talks with Ken Hardy about finding the heroism amongst young clients that helps them survive. Read more

Point of View March 1, 2013

Finding the Hero Within

Exploring the Link Between Trauma and Oppression

Kenneth Hardy believes that the experience of trauma is too often unacknowledged by therapists struggling to help troubled minority youth. Read more

When "Them" Become "Us"

Crossing the great divide of otherness

The creation of "the other" is the dynamic at the heart of racism, sexism, homophobia, and persecution. The first step in altering that dynamic is the struggle... Read more

Case Study May 1, 1998

What Textbooks Don't Tell You

Acknowledging the complexities of real-life therapy

Acknowledging the complexities of real-life therapy Read more

Breathing Room

Creating a Zone of Safety and Connection for Angry Black Teens

Therapy is about healing and also about promoting connection. The healing starts when we lance the wounds our clients bring in, help them vent their pain and... Read more

In the fluid world of our practices, we must face the truth of opposing truths everyday. Read more

Kenneth V. Hardy

Kenneth V. Hardy, PhD, is director of the Eikenberg Institute for Relationships and professor of marriage and family therapy at Drexel University.