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PNND11-3Deciding: to be Right or be Married?

By Terry Real

Do you want to be right or be married? Okay, now pause, think, breathe . . . and choose between First Consciousness and Second Consciousness.

Women Who Cheat

Understanding the message of the affair

Far from being evidence of marital bankruptcy, a woman’s affair can be a way of expressing a desire for a different self and an opportunity to breathe life into a suffocating relationship.

Sex, Lies, and the Long Road Back

Recovering from an extramarital affair

Healing from an extramarital affair is rarely a simple process, especially when embarrassing sexual secrets and incompatibilities are exposed.

Therapy with more than one client in the room, especially when there’s entrenched hostility, dashed dreams and raw pain, poses extra challenges for the clinician. These materials provide guidance on how to do more effective and rewarding work with your most difficult couples and families.

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The Gritty, Hot-Blooded Work of Couples Therapy

PNND11-1Why We Avoid Doing Couples Therapy

By Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson

As neuroscience increasingly shows how wired we are to our intimate partners, an important question arises for therapists: Why do we primarily continue to see people individually...

The Fundamental Things

The times and tides of 33 years of marriage

Love and Money

Couples Finances

In these tough economic times, how do therapists distinguish between money troubles related to the recession and those that have psychological roots? 

PNND11-4Treating the Mixed-Agenda Couple

By William Doherty

At least 30 percent of couples coming to therapy have fundamentally different agendas about whether to try to save the marriage. If we’re ever going to improve our success rates...

ND2012-2Coaching and Our Assumptions

By Terry Real

A new breed of therapist believes that it’s disrespectful not to say to clients displaying obnoxious, selfish, or self-defeating behaviors what traditionalists might only share in a supervision group.

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