May/June 2021 Cover

The Listeners

Taking Therapy to New Places

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

I’m inspired by the courage of the therapists featured in this issue, who are stretching beyond... Read more

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Facing the Waves

Therapy in the Surf Circle

Learning to surf requires awareness, focus, and flexibility—perhaps the most essential qualities for navigating the complexities of life. For some young... Read more

Community Wisdom

Walking in Balance with Indigenous Cultures

Nan LittleWalker never formally signed up to be one of my teachers. In fact, I first met her as one of my colleague’s patients. Several years ago, during my... Read more

Access for All

Tackling Therapy’s Biggest Challenge

Denise is slumped in her chair, declaring that she’s not a believer in therapy. A middle-aged, Indigenous, transgender woman, she’s heard too many bullshit... Read more

Therapeutic Skills in the Workplace

Confronting Racial Wounds

Just like families, coworkers often need help talking honestly and listening deeply, especially when it comes to issues around diversity, equity, and... Read more

Courts of Dignity

Replacing Punishment with Compassion

A movement to integrate trauma-informed care into our justice system aims to decriminalize mental illness and address a foundational cause of mass... Read more

Hip Hop Therapy

The Healing Power of Giving Kids the Mic

The process of creating beats and lyrics is rooted in therapeutic practices. At one South Bronx high school, a school social worker has traded the therapy room... Read more

Extra Feature

Loving Ourselves Into Safety

Resilience and Strength in Perilous Times

A cancer diagnosis, while devastating, can be a powerful teacher. Through the fear and anxiety, we can discover how to reliably calm ourselves and ask for... Read more


Psychedelic Therapy and Racial Trauma

Offering Clients a Deeper Experience of Healing

Evoking the Inner Artist: May/June 2021

How to Replace Discomfort with Creativity

The Anthropocene Dilemma

Can We Save Ourselves from Ecological Despair?

Relearning Parenthood

When Children Reach Adulthood, What Then?