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Reimagining Psychotherapy

New Possibilities for New Times

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

In this issue, we investigate how and why therapists around the country—and around the... Read more

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Getting at the Heart of Affairs

How to Help Clients Examine Ethical Dilemmas

A seasoned therapist discusses the ethics around consulting with couples impacted by infidelity. Read more

Couples Therapy Around the World

Putting EFT to Work in Two Cultures

With its Western focus on secure emotional bonds and demonstrative, healthy attachment in couples, how does Emotionally Focused Therapy fit into ancient and... Read more

Humility First

Avoiding Transcultural Overreach

There’s no recipe book when it comes to working with another culture. Read more

Treating Trauma From the Top Down

A Cognitive Path to Healing

When it comes to designating best practices for treating trauma, where does the research stand? And where is the field going? Read more

Crossing the Urban-Rural Divide

Time to Address Unchallenged Prejudices

In Hammerfest, Norway, known as the northernmost town in the world, a therapist is challenging geographical narcissism. Read more

Relational EMDR Therapy

Showing Up for Our Clients

Being an expert in your method is only part of the work. Sometimes our clients need us to go beyond administering a protocol. Read more

Healing in the Outback

An Outdoor Therapist Reconceives His Role

Psychotherapy needs alternatives to the century-old approach of sit and talk. When you’re open to the spirit of adventure, you never feel stuck. Read more

Extra Feature

Do I Have to Forgive You?

Loosening the Grip of Obsessive Anger and Pain

The hardest part of letting go of anger can be accepting that the offending party is never going to apologize, never going to see themselves objectively, and... Read more


Agitated Kids, Dangerous Punishment

Rethinking the Policy of Seclusion and Restraint

Unshed Tears

Helping Kids Work through Unresolved Grief

“Be Yourself—But Don’t”

Mixed Messages from a Mother to Her Gay Son

Getting Past You and Me

Cultivating the “Us” in Intimate Relationship

A Vehicle of Awakening

Can Psychotherapy Be a Spiritual Practice?

The Diary Keeper

A Father Discovers What Matters Most