Psychotherapy Networker: March/April 2023

The Narcissism Spectrum

Myths vs. Reality in the Therapy Room

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

How did narcissist get to be such a buzzword in our culture? Read more

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Covert Narcissism Unmasked

What Are We Really Treating?

A covert narcissist’s eagerness to share their suffering can make them feel like ideal clients. And that’s what’s so vexing for clinicians. Read more

Treating Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

The Road to Clarity and Agency

People in relationships with narcissists are rarely going to catalyze meaningful change in their partners. How can therapists support them, whether they leave... Read more

Allen Frances, formerly of Duke University, wrote the clinical diagnosis for narcissistic personality disorder that first appeared in the third edition of the... Read more

Strengthening Empathy in Kids

The Delicate Balance Between Self and Others

In a world that seems to reward narcissists, how can we help parents raise kind, empathetic kids with a healthy, balanced sense of self? Read more

Are You A Conflict-Avoidant Therapist?

Harnessing Antagonism in the Therapy Room

For therapists who shy away from confrontation, harnessing their reactions to an antagonistic client in clinically useful ways may require learning new skills... Read more

Extra Features

Tapering Off Meds

A Holistic Approach

For people who want to taper off psychotropic drugs, nutritional therapies and integrative methods may provide a promising alternative. Read more

Invisible Legacies

The Ubiquity of Trauma

When his wife texts to say she’s running late to pick him up at the airport, a renowned trauma expert reexperiences a life-altering moment from his past. Read more


Are We Treating Binge Eating All Wrong?

Removing the Shame and Building Self-Trust

Behind the Pursuer–Distancer Dynamic

Encouraging Men to Face Their Hidden Fears

The Social Roots of Trauma

Staci Haines on Where Our Bodies, Culture, and Healing Intersect

Orchestrating Wonder

Can We Invite More Awe into Our Lives?

Drowning in Debris

A Daughter Faces Her Mother’s Hoarding
Practice Tools February 24, 2023

Practice Tools: March/April 2023

The best from across the field of psychotherapy . . . on us!

Practice Tools for the March/April 2023 issue are courtesy of Paris Goodyear-Brown’s new book, "Big Behaviors in Small Containers." Read more