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In Consultation March 1, 2023

Are We Treating Binge Eating All Wrong?

Removing the Shame and Building Self-Trust

Binge-eating disorder is the most common eating disorder, but it’s also the most underdiagnosed and misunderstood. Read more

Amy Pershing

Amy Pershing, LMSW, ACSW, CCTP-IIl, is the founding director of Bodywise Binge Eating Disorder Program, the first BED-specific treatment program in the United States. She teaches internationally on the treatment of BED, weight stigma, and trauma. She’s the winner of the Pioneer in Clinical Advocacy award and author of Binge Eating Disorder: The Journey to Recovery and Beyond. Her new workbook on attuned eating, cowritten with Judith Matz and Christy Harrison, is forthcoming.