November/December 2021 Cover

Training for Today's Therapy

What's Wanted? What's Needed?

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

The truth is, supervision is harder to come by these days. For a number of reasons that we explore... Read more

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The New Supervision

Are We Meeting the Needs of Today’s Therapists?

The stakes for quality supervision are high. And yet, live supervision is increasingly considered more a bonus than a staple. Read more

The Four Stages of Supervision

Establishing a Lasting Relationship with Your Supervisee

Teacher? Guide? Gatekeeper? Consultant? How clarifying your role as supervisor helps. Read more

Through the One-Way Mirror

The Education of a Family Therapist

As a family therapy trainee in the 70s, it was easy to feel like part of a larger revolution. Read more

Therapy, Fast and Slow

Training Clinicians to Balance Doing with Being

How do therapists create a great training culture, one in which we become substantially better at what we do? Read more

Embracing Our Core Competencies

How Would It Change the Practice of Therapy?

Training to become technicians in particular areas isn’t what best serves our clients. Read more

The Perpetual Student

A Trauma Treatment Journey

A long-term client leads a therapist to discover that maybe the hard way is how we learn best. Read more

Beyond the Brain-Body Split

A Relational Neuroscience Perspective

Thinking about behavior only in terms of reinforcement and consequence is outdated. It’s not mind over matter. It’s both. Are new therapists getting that... Read more

Decolonizing Mental Health

The Healing Power of Community

Training must go beyond the intellectual exercise of grasping the concept of racism. The real work is getting out of our chairs and going into our communities... Read more

The Therapists Who Raised Me

Tales from a Terrace Talk Veteran
David Lappin

When becoming a therapist feels like part of our genetic makeup. Read more

Extra Feature

The Love Magician

A Therapist Lays Down Her Wand

There’s magic in therapy—all types—the most astonishing of which only happens when you stop trying to put on a flawless show. Read more

Three clinicians share their experiences of the power of supervision. Read more


Rage Rooms

Stress Relief’s New Darlings?

Healing Beyond Words

How to Bring Art into Therapy

Total Liberation

A Buddhist Approach to Healing

Moving in Synchrony

The Collective Tug of Family