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Case Study May 22, 2022

When Actions Speak Louder than Words

Creating Change Through Therapeutic Rituals

When our attempts to use logic and reason fail, therapeutic rituals can help clients connect to inner resources for healing. Read more

Case Study November 11, 2021

“You Have Borderline Personality Disorder”

Sharing a Difficult Diagnosis with a Client

Therapists need to consider not only what diagnosis to give, but also the pain or hardship that can result from sharing it with a client. Read more

In Consultation July 15, 2021

The Threat Response of Appease

Do You Know It When You See It?

How can therapists address historical trauma and the common threat response of appeasement? Read more

Case Study November 3, 2020

A New Family Narrative

Transforming Intergenerational Trauma

The key to working with a family may be getting parents to see the intergenerational trauma underlying present-day issues. Read more

The Legacy of Historical Trauma

Grasping the Larger Story

Bringing the larger story of inherited trauma into the therapy room. Read more

My name is Anita Mathilda Abram Mandley. That’s me peeking out from the lower left-hand corner of the picture. I’m with my great grandfather, great-great... Read more

Case Study May 1, 2017

The Unexplored Issues

Working with Cross-Cultural Couples

Cross-cultural couples face challenges that often aren’t addressed in therapy. Read more

Anita Mandley

Anita Mandley, MS, LCPC, practices at the Center for Contextual Change, where she focuses on clients who’ve experienced trauma.  She’s the creator of Integrative Trauma Recovery, a group therapy process for adults with complex PTSD.