Facing the Teen Mental Health Crisis: What's Really Going On?

Facing the Teen Mental Health Crisis

What's Really Going On?

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

Together, maybe we can keep making—and protecting—the spaces that today’s kids need to dream... Read more

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Trans Kids Under Fire

Exploring the State of Gender-Affirming Care

When politicians decide what gender-affirming care should look like, what happens to the mental health of our trans, nonbinary, and gender fluid youth? Read more

Data from recent Pew Center, The Washington Post, the Williams Institute, and Gallup surveys shows the current state of transgender children in the U.S. Read more

Girls On The Brink

The Neurobiology of Belonging

How might girls’ sensitive threat-response system affect their mental health amid a relentless barrage of distressing cues from social media? Read more

Boys' Friendships

The Clash of Intimacy and Masculinity

Are we undermining boys' longing for soft, loving friendships? Read more

When Teens Talk About Suicide

A DBT Approach for Critical Moments

The rise in teen suicidality is frightening, but hospitalization isn’t the only—or even the best—option for treatment. Read more

The Adultification of Black Youth

When Trauma Goes Unseen

At best, self-harm and suicide among Black children are misunderstood. At worst, they’re willfully ignored. Read more

The Tech-Free Vacation

A Family's Search for Lost Connection

Is there anything trickier for modern-day parents than separating a 13-year-old from an iPhone, even if it’s just for a few days? Read more

Gen Z and Mental Health

Changing the Conversation

As adult therapists around the world weigh in on the youth mental health crisis, a Gen Z’er offers his own view of what our field should keep in mind. Read more

Extra Feature

Coming Out As Plural

Setting the Record Straight on Dissociation

We all dissociate in some way to cope with the uncertainties of life, so why are people with dissociative identities often feared and misunderstood, even by... Read more


Hypnosis Revisited

Harnessing Therapy’s Most Versatile Tool

Igniting the Spark

You Don’t Have to be a Sex Therapist to Treat Low Desire

Uncovering Intimate Partner Violence

When Does Relationship Conflict Tip into Abuse?

Were You Raised by a Four-Year-Old?

The Impact of Emotionally Immature Parents

The Art of Dating Your Ex

A Therapist Finds Love Where She Least Expects It
Alissa Hirshfeld
Practice Tools July 1, 2023

Practice Tools: July/August 2023

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This month’s selection is from Bree Turns-Coe’s "Parent the Child You Have, Not the Child You Were: Breaking Generational Patterns, Raise Thriving Kids." Read more