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Case Study July 1, 2023

Uncovering Intimate Partner Violence

When Does Relationship Conflict Tip into Abuse?

Intimate partner violence isn’t as obvious to therapists as cultural stereotypes suggest—and even when it’s revealed, the path forward isn’t always... Read more

Three Myths About Domestic Violence

…And How Social Media is Changing the Way Clients Think About It

Before talking to your own clients about domestic and intimate partner violence, here are three myths you should know about. Read more

Kaytee Gillis

Kaytee Gillis, LCSW-BACS, is a psychotherapist, writer, and author with a passion for working with survivors of family trauma and IPV. Her work focuses on assisting survivors of psychological abuse, stalking, and other non-physical forms of domestic violence and family trauma. Her recent book, Invisible Bruises: How a Better Understanding of the Patterns of Domestic Violence Can Help Survivors Navigate the Legal System, sheds light on the ways that the legal system perpetuates the cycle of domestic violence by failing to recognize patterns that hold perpetrators accountable.