January/February 2023

Creating Better Endings

Nedra Glover Tawwab Re-envisions Boundaries

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

Welcome to the start of 2023—and the end of good ol’ 2022. Or maybe not so good? However we may... Read more

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Sitting Down with Nedra Glover Tawwab

Flexible Boundaries and Drama-Free Relationships

A new kind of social media and psychotherapy influencer challenges the common cultural misconception that toxic people should be cut out of our lives, no... Read more

The Divorce Announcement

A Conscious Approach to Moving Forward

How can therapists help divorcing clients share a message that conveys hope and healing? Maybe it's time to counter the divorce-as-catastrophe trope that runs... Read more

Preparing for the End of Therapy

A Walk into the Unknown

Regardless of your expertise or advanced degree, client terminations can derail you at any time. So why don't we do a better job of planning for them? Read more

Will I Survive My Therapist’s Retirement?

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do...

When it comes time for your therapist to retire, hope like hell that it's not right after your marriage ends and your mother dies. Read more

Death and a Lifelong Love

Bracing for a Future without Marilyn

A psychotherapy icon grapples with the imminent death of his wife as she moves from palliative care to hospice care. Read more

Leaving A High Demand, High Control Religion

What Is a Therapist’s Role?

Therapists are well equipped to support clients ending unhealthy relationships, but what about the clients looking to end a relationship with an... Read more

Extra Feature

Quieting the Relentless Inner Critic

Memory Reconsolidation in Action

Pulling back the curtain on the mysterious and often misunderstood reconsolidation process can bring greater precision and depth to our interventions. Read more


The New Premarital Counseling

A Good Match for Therapists?

When ADHD Does the Parenting

Putting Adults Back in the Driver’s Seat

The Art of Mirroring

Helping a Deaf Client Trust Her Truth

Processing Trauma in a Flash?

A Conversation with Philip Manfield

Why Are Today’s Girls So Troubled?

A Neurobiological Guide for Parents

Far From Home

An Immigrant’s Search for Belonging
Sarah Jin
Practice Tools January 4, 2023

Practice Tools: January/February 2023

The best from across the field of psychotherapy . . . on us!

Practice Tools for the January/February 2023 issue are courtesy of Deb Dana's new book, "Polyvagal Practices: Anchoring the Self in Safety." Read more