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Will I Survive My Therapist’s Retirement?

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do...

When it comes time for your therapist to retire, hope like hell that it's not right after your marriage ends and your mother dies. Read more

Colliding into 70

Don’t Send Me a Sympathy Card!

Getting old is hard. But sometimes, as the body becomes more vulnerable, the spirit becomes fiercer. Read more

Dispatches from the Yellow Brick Road

A Journey Through Delusion and Back

A terrifying journey shows just how much psychotic delusions are embedded in the unquestioned essence of a person’s thinking—as true as ocean, ground, and... Read more

A Legacy of Living with Courage

Discovering the Watchful Heart

The legacies of extraordinary people we’ve lost invite us to embrace the examples they’ve left behind. But how exactly do we do it? Read more

Family Matters November 3, 2020

The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

Learning to Celebrate a New Shape

Refusing to be defined by others can sometimes require an unexpected catalyst. Read more

Lost and Found

Scenes from a Miscarriage

The story of a miscarriage is often about crushed hope, but it can also bring unexpected possibility. Read more

We still don’t have a clear and reliable road map for navigating the unique grief that comes with losing a wanted pregnancy. Read more

Family Matters March 5, 2020

Irish Whiskey

The Comfort of a Powerful Lineage

How our family lineages weave a connection of giving and taking and giving again. Read more

In Search of the Perfect Office

A Therapist Moves On Up

Our offices don’t make people well, but they extend an invitation. They provide a comforting consistency in the midst of hard, often unsettling work. So a... Read more

When Depression Runs in the Family

Being Haunted Isn't the Same as Being Cursed

My family is haunted by depression. My mother can trace it back in her family at least six generations. When it hits, it hits hard. My own battle with... Read more

Family Matters September 5, 2018

Comfort Me

Embracing Grief in a Laundromat

Confronting grief in a laundromat. Read more

The Girl in the Railroad Pajamas

Lost Children and the Failure of Empathy

As a psychologist and a mother, I’m haunted by the children of immigrants we’ve all been reading about, stolen from their parents and callously detained... Read more

A Journey Through Fire

Surviving When Your Self Is in Ashes

At its worst, depression extinguishes your inner pilot light, depriving you of the substrate that makes you feel real. Sufferers complain of living in a fog... Read more

Symposium Highlight July 4, 2018

VIDEO: When Sorrow Mixes with Joy

Martha Manning Shares a Moving Personal Story of Hardship, Hope, and Love

A karaoke performance on a psych ward helps a mother and daughter find a way to reconnect. Read more

Symposium Highlight May 9, 2018

Karaoke on Five South

From an Evening of Storytelling 2018

A karaoke performance on a psych ward helps a mother and daughter find a way to reconnect. Read more

Family Matters September 1, 1997

The Shirt Off My Back

Losing control of your story can be a terrifying experience

Losing control of your story can be one of life's most terrifying experiences. Read more

Stop making sense and allow yourself the luxury of tears. Read more

Short Story

Driving in the Breakdown Lane

Some things just can't be fixed. Read more

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Martha Manning, PhD, is a writer and clinical psychologist who has written five books, including Undercurrent: A Life Beneath the Surface. She has published frequently in the Networker as well as other magazines.