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When you visit our websites, cookies are either served directly by us, or by our business partners. These are the different kinds of cookies we use: 

Essential cookies: Essential cookies allow you to use the basic functionality of our websites. For example, browsing our products, ordering and paying for items, and recognising you when you sign-in to use our services. 

Performance cookies: These cookies allow us to get to know how you use our websites. They’re used to analyse visitor information such as usage and visitor numbers, so they help us to see how effective our advertising is and understand what you like. We also use this information to improve our websites, make our marketing more relevant and improve your experience. The data used for these cookies is aggregated and anonymised, which means that we can’t identify you as an individual. In other words, your personal data is not used for these cookies. 

Functionality cookies: These cookies allow us to provide additional functionalities to the websites, and will retain some settings information. While they’re not essential for the functionality of our sites, they do enable extra features that should make your shopping experience even better. 

Targeting cookies: We also use cookies to track your interest in our products. We may use these to understand what most appeals to you, so we can make our offers as appropriate as possible. Browsing behaviour is also used to create relevant banner advertising, with product recommendations that we believe best relate to the items you viewed on our website. These banners are then served across other websites that you may visit, social sites and video sites. This process is called behavioural advertising and, although the adverts are individually tailored to you, all cookie data is anonymised and stored temporarily. Additionally, all banners of this type feature an ‘i’ icon that provides more information from each advertising network and instructions on how to opt out. We also use the browsing behaviour data to create personal product recommendations on our website, our marketing emails and marketing mail. 

How do I change my cookie settings? 

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