January/February 2024

Artificially Intelligent Therapy

... And Other Shifts in the Landscape of Work

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

This issue explores our work as therapists in the shadow of AI as well as how professional and... Read more

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Ready or Not, AI Is Here

What If Therapy Bots Become Too Good?

A clinician on the precipice of launching his own AI therapy bot—HIPAA-compliant, infused with personal warmth, and based on thousands of hours of therapy... Read more

The Bot Will See You Now

My Illuminating Chat with Pi

When it comes down to it, what do human therapists really have over artificially intelligent ones? Read more

Can AI Make Us Better Therapists?

Using New Technology for Supervision

AI is already being used to create treatment plans, track client change, and detect empathy. How else could it help therapists? Read more

Is the Soul of Therapy For Sale?

When Private Equity Infiltrates Our Practice

Big business and private investment firms have turned their attention to our field, and they’re not above poaching clients, underpaying clinicians, and... Read more


Organizational Management at Home

An Interview with Eve Rodsky on Workplace Tools for Couples

The business world has well-honed tools for making sure employees feel valued and fulfilled. Can they be used to solve a core issue that brings many couples to... Read more

Work Issues at the Heart of Couples' Conflicts

Exploring Our Relationships with Our Jobs

The move beyond “Where do you work?” “How much do you work?” and “How’s it going?” is long overdue in couples therapy. Read more

From Grind Culture to Work Malaise

The Cultural Trends Driving Our Clients' Careers

What are the cultural messages feeding younger generations’ ambivalence and anxiety about their professional lives? Read more

Saying Goodbye to Work You Love

How Do Therapists Know When It's Time to Retire?

The uniqueness of a psychotherapist’s job can make it hard to let go of. Read more

Extra Features

Releasing Guilt in Grief

The Vital Shift from Prevention to Postvention

When preventing death or tragedy is no longer an option, we need to enter a radically different headspace. Read more

Are ACEs as Determinative as We Think?

Two Trauma Experts on Connection, Community, and the Tyranny of Diagnosis

Two leading trauma experts discuss the power of enduring relational work and how our current medical model creates a moral injury for therapists. Read more


Turning the Spotlight on Brainspotting

Did an Unexpected Discovery Reveal a Quicker Path to Healing?

Tapping Our Way into Healing

A Simple, Empowering Tool for Self-regulation

Existentialism for a New Era

The Millennial Therapist on Self-Creation

Is Honesty the Best Policy?: A Review of 'You Hurt My Feelings'

A New Film on Flattery, White Lies, and Nondirective Therapy

Wrestling with a Daughter's Faith

An Agnostic Mother Learns the Challenge of True Acceptance
Practice Tools December 14, 2023

Practice Tools: January/February 2024

The best from across the field of psychotherapy . . . on us!

This month’s selection is from Laura Copley’s, Loving You is Hurting Me: A New Approach to Healing Trauma Bonds and Creating Authentic Connection. Read more