Psychotherapy Networker: November/December

Being a New Therapist

When Dreams and Challenges Collide

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

A recent survey shows that fewer than half of people who graduate from therapy training programs... Read more

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The Long, Lonely Trek to Licensure

Is Becoming a Therapist Harder than Ever?

Many beginning therapists are burning out and leaving the field before they’re able to gain their professional footing. How can we support them better? Read more

Am I A Good Therapist Yet?

Reconciling Professional Ideals with Reality

Lofty visions of our capabilities as therapists can fuel us early in our careers, but at some point, we have to reckon with the reality that we can’t help... Read more

Love Letters to The Field

Supporting Our Big, Hairy, Audacious Dreams

By cultivating professional relationships across differences in ages and clinical experience, we keep each other’s big dreams alive, bridge knowledge gaps... Read more

Finding Your Way As a New Clinician

Three Tips to Guide Your First Session

After 34 years in practice, a therapist offers advice on what to remember before seeing your first client. Read more

What Do Therapists Know?

Learning and Growing Alongside Our Clients

As therapists, we get to explore the mysteries of being human for a living—and to apply what we learn to our own lives. How amazing is that? Read more

Gifts of the Emerging Therapist

Tapping into the Power of Starting Out

Clinical experience is invaluable, but there are many unsung advantages to seeing therapists who are just starting out. Read more

An out-of-the-box idea from two enterprising college students reignites the passion of a former supervisor. Read more

Action Man Meets Therapy Guy

Switching Careers in Midlife

When a journalist and rock climber decides to become a therapist, he embarks on a new understanding of himself. Read more

Extra Features

Reclaiming Black Imagination

The PRIDE Approach to Healing

A new approach embraces the somatic wisdom and indigenous knowledge of BIPOC clients. Read more

When a Tornado Ripped Through My Therapy Room

How My Client and I Survived Disaster

A therapist and client face unexpected dangers that reveal new facets of their humanity and vulnerability. Read more


Let's Talk About Death—and Pass the Cookies

How Death Cafés Can Enrich Our Lives

Rethinking Codependence

An Attachment-Based Framework for Caregivers

Spiritual Issues in Secular Treatment

When a Client Wants to Reconnect with Their Faith

The Heart of Gladness

Why Joy and Sorrow Need Each Other

The Anxious Warrior

Fighting Fear with Krav Maga
Practice Tools October 31, 2023

Practice Tools: November/December 2023

The best from across the field of psychotherapy . . . on us!

This month’s selection is from Alexandra Solomon’s, Love Every Day: 365 Relationship Self-Awareness Practices to Help Your Relationship Heal, Grow and... Read more