The Rise of Therapy-Speak

Matthias Barker on Bridging Social Media and the Therapy Room

Influencer and clinician Matthias Barker gives his take on what therapists can do when clinical buzzwords morph into flippant or incorrect notions that clients... Read more

"I Know What's Wrong With Me"

Social Media and the Lure of Self-Diagnosis

Although people might benefit from the sense of certainty that accompanies a self-diagnosis, it can also mislead them into embracing a fixed—or even a... Read more

Point of View July 27, 2022

The Mental Health Gym

An Interview with Emily Anhalt

Mindfulness apps, thought trackers, CBT courses, and the Uberization of therapy has flooded headlines. But what about psychodynamic or relational approaches... Read more

Clinician's Quandary March 2, 2021
Psychotherapy Networker

What practical guidance can you offer a therapist who has been working with a client that has started expressing misinformed views rooted in conspiracy... Read more

Even if the diagnosis of “internet addiction” is legitimate (and many experts think it isn't), surely it can't apply to the billions of people on the... Read more

Loving Our Devices

When Does Attraction Turn into Addiction?

More and more therapists, regardless of how they feel about internet addiction as a diagnosis, are advising clients about the healthy use of their digital... Read more

Hacking Happiness

How Social Media Can Enhance Well-Being

Both ancient wisdom traditions and modern psychological research can help us make more enlightened choices as we navigate our way through the digital age. Read more

The Age of FoMO

Our Brains on 24/7 Alert
Sharon Begley

Our compulsive use of digital devices is best understood as the result of their ability to tap into a deep anxiety in the human psyche about “missing out.” Read more

In this issue, our contributors reveal, in ways that were all quite stunning to me, the magnitude and vast social implications—for us and our profession—of... Read more

The Empathy Gap

Digital Culture Needs What Talk Therapy Offers

Conditioned by the experience of life on the screen, clients today find it harder to concentrate on face-to-face conversation. They may not even see its value... Read more

Caught in a Web

A World Where Life Is Always Elsewhere

Every day, every moment, we must wade through the flood of incoming alerts and emails urgently demanding our time and attention, all the while knowing that... Read more

VIDEO: Four Steps To Get Potential Clients To Contact You Now

Joe Bavonese on how to make your website a magnet for new clients

What if you could immediately to make your website more compelling and more effective in helping potential clients connect with you? Joe Bavonese, marketing... Read more

Symposium Highlight April 14, 2015

Mindfulness, Conscious Breathing Exercises, and Cyber Intimacy

Testimonials from the 2015 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium

Although I have read his books and seen many videos of him in action, today's Networker Symposium workshop was the first in-person opportunity I've had to hear... Read more

It’s time we address the psychological toll of the daily bombardment of information that permeates our lives. Read more

The Rise of the Two-Dimensional Parent

Are Therapists Seeing a New Kind of Attachment?

We used to think that disordered attachment was the result of early parental neglect or abuse. But today, has a paradoxical mix of parental overinvolvement and... Read more

Shopping For Therapy

Yesterday’s Patients Are Today’s Educated Consumers

The expectation of a full caseload of clients who don’t question the length or expense of treatment belongs to a former age. Like it or not, therapists who... Read more

In Consultation May 1, 2012

The SoLoMo revolution is transforming the way therapists can generate client referrals on the Internet. Read more

Family Matters March 1, 2011

You've Got Mail!

A Cyber Relationship Sparks New Discovery

A cyber relationship revives a marriage in the doldrums. Read more


Sherry Turkle Sees e-Life at the Crossroads

MIT professor Sherry Turkle has spent the last 30 years studying what our machines have come to mean to us, and how they're altering—sometimes... Read more

The www.Addiction

Few of Us Can Resist the Seduction of the Internet

Have you ever noticed how often you surf the net or check e-mail when you feel bored or restless or depressed, as if relief is just a click away? The Internet... Read more

Beyond Technophobia

Even you can use the internet to grow your practice

The internet can be a phenomenal tool for marketing all types of practices in every part of the country. Even Luddites are finding that internet marketing can... Read more

Case Study May 1, 1997

Hot Chat

Virtual affairs can become very real emotionally
Linda S. Freedman

From the May/June 1997 issue The Internet has entered the consulting room in ways that few therapists could possibly have anticipated. Today, Internet... Read more

Michael Freeny

Therapy on the information highway a strange fiction based on a stranger reality. Article first published in the September/October 1994 issue. TODAY, IN THE... Read more