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Social Anxiety in Kids

How Our Good Intentions Make It Worse

Making accommodations for socially anxious kids can be easier than getting them off their phones and out of their rooms—but it’s also dangerous. Read more

"I Know What's Wrong With Me"

Social Media and the Lure of Self-Diagnosis

Although people might benefit from the sense of certainty that accompanies a self-diagnosis, it can also mislead them into embracing a fixed—or even a... Read more

In this Networker Live event, editor in chief Livia Kent talks with author Lynn Lyons, LICSW, about anxiety and families. Read more

We’ve put together a video reel of therapists sharing some of the playful moments they’ve had with clients... Read more

The Playful Therapist

7 Clinicians Share Their Best Strategies

In this collection, master therapists share how they’ve used humor in ways that both enliven and enrich the work of therapy. Read more

A Field Day for OCD?

Helping Kids Stay Grounded

In this genuinely hazardous COVID-19 environment, how can therapists help kids and families reject their OCD safety rituals? Read more

VIDEO: Continuing to See Kids for Therapy as They Age

...And Why They Need Ongoing Connection Now More Than Ever

When therapists work with anxious kids and their families, they’re often solving immediate problems, not envisioning a clinical relationship that could last... Read more

VIDEO: Bringing Parents into Therapy with Kids

Why Anxiety is a Family Problem

When it comes to treating anxious kids, the same rules for treating anxious adults don’t apply. According to therapist Lynn Lyons, you might not only... Read more

Symposium Highlight March 20, 2019

VIDEO: When Our Clients Help Us Overcome Our Greatest Fears

A Therapist Shares Her Most Memorable Clinical Experience

Lynn Lyons shares a moving, often hilarious, story about how her young client helped her become a stronger person and a better therapist. Read more

Bumps in the Road

Accompanying Young Clients Through Life’s Transitions

Many young people transitioning into the uncertainties of adulthood today are feeling more scared and alone than ever. One therapist has discovered that a key... Read more

When All Else Fails

Stories of Vulnerability and Possibility

The self-assurance of expert practitioners who publicly present their work can lead everyday therapists to believe that psychotherapy is a far more predictable... Read more

OCD and Children

It’s a Family Affair

OCD in children can operate like a kind of cult leader, demanding acceptance of an extreme view of a perilous reality and offering solutions that can’t be... Read more

VIDEO: Getting Anxious Families to Loosen Up

A Homework Assignment for Anxious Kids

Anxiety is a demanding beast, with a long list of conditions that must be met to keep it at bay. It forces anxious children and their families to banish... Read more

VIDEO: Stopping the Anxiety-Go-Round

Lynn Lyons On Helping Anxious Kids

Fifteen-year-old Grace doesn’t know it yet, but her troubling anxiety symptoms are run of the mill. Like most anxious kids, it’s not the content of her... Read more

Taming The Wild Things

Helping Anxious Kids and Their Parents

In this age of helicopter parents and protective child professionals, we can often recreate a potent anxiety- reinforcing system around children that not only... Read more

Lynn Lyons

Lynn Lyons, LICSW, is a speaker, trainer, and practicing clinician specializing in the treatment of anxious families. She’s the coauthor of Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents and is the co-host of the podcast Flusterclux. Her latest book for adults is The Anxiety Audit.