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Case Study September 14, 2022

"Why Won’t You Like Sports?"

The Father–Son Struggle with Gender Expectations

As young people move forward with new, more flexible frameworks for thinking about gender, it’s not always easy to bring parents along. Read more

Case Study August 9, 2022

Suddenly Strangers

Iraq War Vets, PTSD, and the Challenge of Relationship

With tens of thousands of Iraq War vets with PTSD returning home, therapists increasingly face the challenge of helping them with their troubled marriages. Read more

Case Study July 13, 2022

It's Still Unfair!

Struggling to Establish Equitable Relationships

Healthy, equal relationships require compromise, negotiation, and generosity. But when couples don’t have models for mastering these skills, they often... Read more

Case Study May 22, 2022

When Actions Speak Louder than Words

Creating Change Through Therapeutic Rituals

When our attempts to use logic and reason fail, therapeutic rituals can help clients connect to inner resources for healing. Read more

Case Study March 22, 2022

“Be Yourself—But Don’t”

Mixed Messages from a Mother to Her Gay Son

What happens when loving mothers of gay sons unknowingly send them mixed messages about being themselves? Read more

Case Study January 7, 2022

Bursting the Bubble of Individual Therapy

The Need to See Your Clients in a Relational Context

As the years pass, is it possible that the more we work with long-term clients, the more we might overlook bigger issues that aren’t being addressed? Read more

Case Study November 11, 2021

“You Have Borderline Personality Disorder”

Sharing a Difficult Diagnosis with a Client

Therapists need to consider not only what diagnosis to give, but also the pain or hardship that can result from sharing it with a client. Read more

Case Study September 15, 2021

Doing Our Own Work Differently

An EMDR Portal to Our Clients’ Healing

How stepping outside our comfort zone when doing our own work can change therapy for our clients. Read more

Case Study July 15, 2021

"I'm Not That Guy"

Navigating the New Couples Conversation

Discovering how ghosts and global issues have permeated relationship bonds in new ways. Read more

Case Study May 19, 2021

Evoking the Inner Artist: May/June 2021

How to Replace Discomfort with Creativity

Vulnerability, doubt, fear, and uncertainty—feelings most people try to avoid—are essential to cultivating creativity. Read more

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