March/April 2018

A Gift of Time?

Facing the Challenges and New Possibilities of Aging

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Increasingly, therapists are becoming important players in a new era of more conscious aging, as... Read more

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A New Stretch of the River

Navigating Life’s Final Stages

As we age, our bodies and relationships change, and the pace of change accelerates. At 70, we’re unlikely to be able to function as we did in our 50s. We... Read more

The End.

How Did I Get Here So Fast?

A classic sci-fi movie that seems to leapfrog through eternity helps a man contemplate the mystery of his own aging. Read more

Extra Feature

The Power of Apologizing

What It Takes to Really Be Sorry

Unlike the faux public apologies from men accused of sexual misconduct that 2017 will likely be remembered for, our private apologies have the potential to... Read more


Second Adolescence

An Alternative to the Midlife Crisis

Art and Trauma

Accessing Creative Paths to Healing

Life After Extremism

What It Takes to Renounce Hate

Living Backward and Forward

In Search of the Stories that Bind Us