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Aging Courageously

…And What Many People Who Struggle with Aging Have in Common

PSYCHOTHERAPY NETWORKER: Do you think that your experience as a therapist has given you any special insight into the challenges of... Read more

Don't Go It Alone

The Power of Focusing Partnerships

It’s not exactly a state secret: most of us become therapists because we want to help people. We want to help them feel less alone with their pain and find... Read more

VIDEO: How to Help Clients Cope With Overwhelming Emotion

Joan Klagsbrun on Three Focusing Techniques That Work

Intense emotion in the consulting room can leave some clients overwhelmed; others shut down. Either response can derail your session. Now here’s some help... Read more

VIDEO: Focusing Techniques in Therapy

A New Practice of Inner Listening

How can you more effectively work with a client whose emotions have become all-consuming? Read more

Joan Klagsbrun

Joan Klagsbrun, PhD, is a psychologist who has taught Focusing to the public and mental health professionals for over three decades and across seven continents.  She’s an adjunct professor at Lesley University and has published articles and book chapters, and other Focusing resources.