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Case Study November 29, 2022

Helping Couples on the Brink

How Validating Ambivalence Can Foster Hope

How can we meet last-chance couples exactly where they are? Read more

Whatever Happened to Family Therapy?

Today's Renaissance in Systems Thinking

In their rush to change family systems—if not the world—family therapists didn’t anticipate that they too would be affected by structural forces. Read more

Case Study August 26, 2020

Last-Chance Therapy in a Tumultuous Time

Discovering Hope in Higher Values with Couples

Working with couples on the brink of divorce during this pressure-cooker time requires us to help them “reach up” to their highest values. Read more

Case Study December 27, 2019

The Therapist as Traffic Cop

Learning the Hard Way with a Volatile Couple

Being a good traffic cop can mean the difference between success or failure as a couples therapist.* Commentary by Peter Fraenkel Read more

Case Study March 9, 2018

Second Adolescence

An Alternative to the Midlife Crisis

Instead of viewing midlife as a time of emotional unraveling, therapists can see it as an opportunity to help clients gain a fuller sense of purpose in... Read more

Case Study September 7, 2017

From Tough Love to Empathic Love

Teaching Parents to Earn Their Children’s Respect

Helping families move past stalemates often means teaching parents to earn their children’s respect. Read more

From Isolation To Connection

How to Create a Community of Practice

A modest proposal about how to get out of your cubbyhole, enliven your conversations with others in the field, and experience a new kind of professional... Read more

Beeper in the Bedroom

Technology has become a therapeutic issue

As the digital revolution permeates and alters our lives, therapists are increasingly called upon to become the guides to a balance between the allure of... Read more

Case Study November 1, 1996

A jazz drummer tunes in to how a couple organizes time Read more

Peter Fraenkel

Peter Fraenkel, PhD, is a couple therapist, psychologist, associate professor of psychology at City College of New York, and professional drummer who studied with Aretha’s drummer. He received the 2012 American Family Therapy Award for Innovative Contribution to Family Therapy, and is the author of Sync Your Relationship, Save Your Marriage: Four Steps to Getting Back on Track, and Last Chance Couple Therapy: Bringing Couples Back from the Brink.