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Bridging Our Professional Islands

Creating a 21st-Century Learning Community

Isle of Dreams 

Communities of Practice can reveal new paths to excellence

Sometimes the places we long to visit speak to needs that go much deeper than our appetite for exotic sights.

PNMJ11-5How to Create a Community of Practice

By Peter Fraenkel

A modest proposal about how to get out of your cubbyhole, enliven your conversations with others in the field, and experience a new kind of professional community.

From Therapist To Supervisor: A Four-Stage Model

media-audiocourse-tn With Robert Taibbi • 6 Sessions • 6 Optional CE Hours

prof-development-a803-supervisorEnhance your awareness of therapists' strengths, weaknesses, and instructional needs at different stages in their careers, and learn how to use this knowledge to become a better supervisor.

SO2012-2The Search for the Unspoken Self

By Ron Taffel

When we follow signals of life that patients emit in seemingly casual conversation, we increase chances of stepping outside our theoretical models to enjoy an unexpected encounter.

Therapy’s Nonverbal Dance

Are you in step with your clients?

Noticing a client’s nonverbal shifts isn’t enough. You must know what these shifts mean.

Peer Supervision Groups that Work

Three steps that make a difference

Peer consultation groups offer all kinds of rich possibilities for learning and collegial support---as long as you set them up properly.

The Art of the First Session

Getting It Right From the Start

You never get a second chance to have a first session, so make the most of it.

First Impressions

Getting Off to the Right Start is Crucial in Therapy

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