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P001: New Perspectives on Trauma Treatment On-Demand

Join the leading innovators in the trauma field for this new 5-part webinar series of practice-focused, down to earth discussions. Each session will expand your clinical perspective and extend your understanding of cutting-edge developments in trauma treatment.

Francine ShapiroPat OgdenLaurie LeitchDavid FeinsteinDonald Meichenbaum
Francine Shapiro, Pat Ogden, Laurie Leitch, David Feinstein, Donald Meichenbaum.
Host: Rich Simon
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Learn From The Leaders In Healing Trauma
Francine Shapiro

Session 1 with Francine Shapiro
The Latest Advances in the Theory and Practice of EMDR
Hear about what more than 20 years of research and practice have taught us from EMDR's originator. Learn about integrating EMDR; the role of memory networks in trauma; processing traumatic memories; applying research findings; and answering EMDR's critics.

Pat Ogden Session 2 with Pat Ogden, Ph.D.
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: The Body Tells the Story

Explore how working with the body can alleviate the symptoms and causes of PTSD. Learn about the role of somatic cues; how the therapist functions a neruobiological regulator; somatic interventions; altering procedural memories; and the benefits of reaching out, setting limits and distancing.
Laurie Leitch Session 3 with Laurie Leitch, Ph.D.
A Community-Healing Approach to Trauma

Learn about a non-therapeutic, educational model that teaches simple, biologically based skills that may be the key to helping out combat veterans. Explore the military culture and challenge of treating wounded warriors; how to address shame and secrecy; the Trauma Resiliency Model; and how to create a healing community.
David Feinstein

Session 4 with David Feinstein, Ph.D.
Energy Psychology and PTSD

Consider the evidence surrounding one of psychotherapy's most controversial methods. Learn about the Energy Psychology (EP) controversy in context; the practice of tapping; the basic EP protocol; integrating EP as a clinical tool; and advances in EP research.

Donald Meichenbaum Session 5 with Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D.
Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Trauma: State of the Art

Discover how to separate myth from reality in PTSD treatment. Hear about a case-conceptualization model, assessment procedure for PTSD; collaborative treatment goals, cognitive-behavioral interventions; and how to address individual, social and systematic barriers to change.
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What Your Colleagues Say About This Course

"I was struck by the reframing of trauma and PTSD as "symptoms as unprocessed memories"... That is evidence based!
Thank you for organizing this series!"

-Deborah, New Portland, ME

"I found Pat Ogden's session informative and timely.
I am working with complex PTSD cases right now and
appreciated reminders like the window of tolerance."

-Janice, Alberta, Canada

"Thank you so much for making this available...
It gave me another way of describing trauma to clients. I was
impressed with how this approach works well with other cultures."

-Sarah, Vancouver, BC

All For Only $157

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Readings on Trauma, including...
  • The Limits of Talk: Transforming the Treatment of Trauma by Mary Sykes Wylie
  • Telling It Like It Is: An Interview with Don Meichenbaum by Ryan Howes

Bonus MP3s!
  • The Long Shadow of Trauma an Interview with Bessel van der Kolk
  • 21st Century Healing by Francine Shapiro
  • Rethinking PTSD by Mary Jo Barrett
Meet The Presenters

Francine Shapiro, Ph.D., the originator of EMDR, is a senior research fellow at the Mental Research Institute. She's the executive director of the EMDR Institute and founder and president emeritus of the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs, a nonprofit that coordinates disaster response and trainings worldwide.

Pat Ogden, Ph.D., is the founder and director of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute in Boulder, Colorado, an internationally recognized school specializing in training psychotherapists in somatic/cognitive approaches for the treatment of trauma, as well as developmental and attachment issues.

Laurie Leitch, Ph.D., is a cofounder and codirector of the Trauma Resource Institute, which offers national and international training in the brief-stabilization therapies Trauma Resiliency Model, Trauma Resiliency Model - Veteran & Warrior, Trauma Resiliency Model - Community.

David Feinstein, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist whose five books on energy healing have each won a national award. He and his wife, Donna Eden, coauthored The Promise of Energy Psychology with the founder of the Emotional Freedom Technique, Gary Craig.

Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D., a founder of Cognitive Behavioral Modification, was voted one of the 10 most influential psychotherapists of the century in a survey reported in the American Psychologist. He is an expert and leader in the treatment of PTSD.

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