Past Issues


July/August 2014

Open Wide!

Do We Know What Big Pharma is Giving Us?

May/June 2014

Treating Trauma

What are we missing?

March/April 2014

Playing The DSM Game

Do We Have A Choice?

January/February 2014

Untangling Brain Science

Has it Lived Up to its Promise for Therapists


November/December 2013

Our Habits, Ourselves

Can the Circle Be Broken?

September/October 2013

The Selling of Psychotherapy

What Are the Rules in Today's Market

July/August 2013

Searching for the Therapeutic "Aha"

Brain Science and Clinical Breakthroughs

May/June 2013

Tough Customers

Is it Them or Us?

March/April 2013

Clinical Wisdom

Who Needs It?

January/February 2013

Treating the Anxious Client

New Directions for Psychotherapy’s Most Common Problem


November/December 2012

Is The Game Changing?

The Rise of Therapeutic Coaching

September/October 2012

The Craft of Conversation

Would You Open Up to This Therapist?

July/August 2012

Ethics in the Digital Age

Where do we set the boundaries?

May/June 2012

Emotion in the Consulting Room

How Therapists Really Feel about Feelings

March/April 2012

Taking the Measure of Psychotherapy

Today's Realities, Yesterday's Dreams

January/February 2012

Are Parents Obsolete?

Confronting the Dilemmas of 21st-Century Childrearing


November/December 2011

Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy?

Stretching Your Comfort Zone

September/October 2011

The Mindfulness Movement

Do We Even Need Psychotherapy Anymore?