Psychotherapy Networker: May/June

Psychedelics & Non-Ordinary States

The Healing Revolution Is Here—What Now?

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

Welcome to the new world of psychedelic-assisted healing. It’s no longer a fringe therapy. It’s... Read more

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How Psychedelic Therapy Will Change Your Practice

Bessel van der Kolk & Monnica Williams on the Future of Trauma Healing

Bessel van der Kolk and Monnica Williams, two prominent trauma researchers, weigh in on what the field should be talking about now that psychedelic-assisted... Read more

Does Microdosing Work?

Chasing a Therapeutic Silver Bullet

More and more people are ingesting small amounts of psilocybin on a daily basis in the hope of curing everything from mild irritability to major depression... Read more

Supercharging Couples Work with Ketamine

A Doorway to Greater Intimacy

The combination of therapeutic guides, ketamine, and community can open the door to deep, long-lasting relational change. Read more

The Ayahuasca Experience

Is There a Place for Shamanic Wisdom in Western Psychology?

A world-renowned trauma expert shares his personal experience with the power of ayahuasca ceremonies to heal addiction, PTSD, and ingrained patterns that... Read more

In the Weeds

The Costs of Believing the Cannabis Hype

The U.S. cannabis industry has created a market worth up to 35 billion dollars, in part by convincing the public that THC is medicinal and safe. Are the people... Read more

Do You Need Psychedelics to Access an Altered State?

How to Move Clients Out of Ordinary Survival Mode

Psychedelics can show clients an alternative to their suffering—but so can many softer, gentler, more gradual approaches clinicians have been perfecting... Read more

Holotropic Breathwork

An Overlooked Path to Healing Experiences?
Susan McBride and Mark Cornfield

In the midst of the psychedelic treatment revolution, have we forgotten about Stan Grof’s alternative to facilitating non-ordinary states of consciousness? Read more

Experiments In Being Someone Else

Can Fixed-Role Therapy Get Clients Unstuck?

Trying on different personas can help clients step outside of their comfort zones and challenge their assumptions about themselves, others, and the world. Read more

Extra Feature

The Myth of Low Sexual Desire

Updating Our Ideas about Erotic Well-Being

Great sex over the long term is not about how much you want sex; it’s about how much you like the sex you’re having. Read more


The Client No One Wants to Treat

What Happens When We Shun Pedophiles in Our Practices

Taking Sides in Couples Therapy

The Importance of Ditching Neutrality

Prentis Hemphill: Personal Healing Meets Social Change

How Somatic Therapy Can Create a Just World

A Monogamish Love Triangle

The Painful Geometry of an Open Relationship
Practice Tools April 11, 2024

Practice Tools: May/June 2024

The best from across the field of psychotherapy . . . on us!
Nancy Johnston

Download a worksheet from this month’s selection: Nancy Johnston's "The Clinician’s Codependency Treatment Workbook." Read more