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Therapy’s Psychedelic Renaissance

A Different Kind of Healing Journey

September/October 2018
It’s been nearly 30 years since SSRIs came on the scene, but despite their ubiquity and pairing with a variety of talk- and body-centered treatments, the rates of PTSD, depression, and anxiety are soaring. Could the ineffable insights and experiences of psychedelic drugs revolutionize the practice of psychotherapy?
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In Consultation

Taking Therapy Home: Motivating Couples to Do Their Homework

November/December 2017
Motivating couples to do their therapy homework may be the key to successful outcomes.

Blue-Collar Therapy

The Nitty-Gritty of Lasting Change

November/December 2013
Changes in the habitual attitudes and behaviors that shape our lives rarely happen as the result of psychological epiphanies or emotional catharsis. Most therapeutic progress comes from the painstaking process of continual practice that reinforces some behaviors while actively discouraging others.
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Editor's Note

First Comes the Hard Work

November/December 2013
Romantically infatuated with the idea of psychological revelation—aka the therapeutic “breakthrough”—therapists too often ignore the fact that a life’s worth of habitual behavior often trumps, for good or ill, all the insights and emotional fireworks that we like to see as the key to therapeutic “progress.”
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Creating Adventure And Play In Therapy

How to Vitalize Your Therapeutic Style

July/August 2013
The more we learn about the emotional brain, the clearer it becomes: to have real therapeutic impact, we need to create experiences that help clients learn to relate to themselves and the world in entirely new ways.
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Unlocking The Emotional Brain

Is Memory Reconsolidation the Key to Transformation?

July/August 2013
New research into the complexities of memory reconsolidation offers important clues about how we can make the most elusive of consulting room events—the deep, therapeutic breakthrough—a regular occurrence.

Psychotherapy’s Mark Twain

For Frank Pittman, Self-Seriousness Was the One Unpardonable Sin

March/April 2013
Networker movie critic and contributor Frank Pittman delighted in pointing out the follies, foibles, and excesses of the therapy world, especially anything he considered too trendy, sanctimonious, or politically correct.

Is Psychotherapy Getting Better?

A Progress Report on the Science—and Art—of the Psychotherapy Field

March/April 2012
What do we know today about the effectiveness of psychotherapy that we didn’t know 30 years ago? Even more important, how do we improve our treatments?

The Psychology of the Sand-Pit

Clinical Lessons from Winnie-the-Pooh

January/February 2003
Despite getting paid to guide them out of their sand pit, we at times succeed only at leading them right back into it. When this happens, it's possible to decide that they somehow "need" their problem, that they're "not ready" to change, or that we lack the skill to help them effectively. Alternatively, we can turn to A. A. Milne for inspiration on how to get unstuck, on how to change the way we're trying to help.

The Practices of Transformation

With Ben and Roz Zander, Breakthroughs Are the Norm

January/February 2002
Evolving out of the coaching practices Roz Zander developed with clients and with Ben Zander over the past 15 years, The Art of Possibility is written as a kind of dialogue between the performing arts and the therapy profession that seeks to meld the creative power of the first and the healing insights of the latter.
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