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Clinician's Digest

Is Teen Suicide Contagious?

July/August 2017
Is teen suicide contagious? Clinicians weigh in on the controversy around 13 Reasons Why.

Clinician's Digest

January/February 2007
A More Powerful Antidepressant * Identifying the more discredited therapies * Assessing Childhood-Obesity Prevention * Evaluating antipsychotic meds * Treatment for chronic fatigue symdrome * Internet porn

The Therapeutic Roller Coaster

Working with Self-Harming Teens is Dramatic and Unpredictable

January/February 2004
Working with self-harming teens often seems like riding a runaway roller coaster, which keeps threatening to go off the rails altogether. Just as things get smooth and predictable, a crisis sends you hurtling downhill again.
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