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From Margin to Mainstream

Peter Levine’s Bottom-Up Approach to Healing

March/April 2019
Body psychotherapy, once shrouded in controversy, has gained growing acceptance in the wider field. So how do these popular bottom-up approaches actually work?

Case Study

A Cure for the Yips: Brainspotting and Performance Blocks

November/December 2015
Traumatic experiences are often the root of athletic and other kinds of performance blocks.

Engaging the Emotional Brain

Highlights from Symposium 2014

May/June 2014
To get through to clients in our increasingly ADD culture, therapists must learn to evoke a deeper, more visceral engagement with them. At this year’s Networker Symposium, a lineup of innovators shared their wisdom about how to do just that.

Case Study

Dancing with the Unconscious

July/August 2011
Sometimes conversation isn’t the best way to communicate with clients. There are times when therapists must go beyond the words.

Brain to Brain

The talking cure goes beyond words

January/February 2010
As we learn more about the brain, it becomes apparent that therapists need to pay at least as much attention to the body and nervous system (both their own and their clients') as to the words, emotions, and meaning-making processes of the mind.

Case Studies

Reversing Chronic Pain: Ten steps to reduce suffering

July/August 2009
More and more chronic pain patients are being referred to therapists after their physicians conclude that they show every appearance of being healed.

Beyond Talk

Using Our Bodies to Get to the Heart of the Matter

July/August 2004
From early on, we're taught to regard all hat stuff below our heads as somehow distinct from our "real" selves. But growing numbers of therapists are becoming convinced that the body may know more, know it more directly, and express it more honestly than the often muddled and avoidant mind.

Small Winnings

Learning from a Therapist's Nightmare

November/December 2000
Perhaps it isn't surprising that the challenging case that ambles through the thickets of my mind is Brian Stanley, a furious and terrified 11-year-old boy I've known well for six years and am still wrangling with every couple of weeks. Befitting my more deliberate gait, ours is a story of incremental healing and occasions for small hope.
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