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Side By Side: No creative artist is an island

September/October 2014
Powers of Two: Finding the Essence of Innovation in Creative Pairs

An investigation of some of history’s most famous creative teams leads to the conclusion that no artist is an island.

Case Study

Women Who Cheat: Understanding the Message of the Affair

May/June 2013
Far from being evidence of marital bankruptcy, a woman’s affair can be a way of expressing a desire for a different self and an opportunity to breathe life into a suffocating relationship.

Removing The Masks

Let’s Stop Wasting Time

November/December 2011

Conventional therapeutic wisdom aside, people typically don’t hurt each other because they’re out of touch, unable to communicate, or can’t help themselves. All too frequently, they do hurtful things with impunity and entitlement simply to gratify their own needs.

The Attuned Therapist

Does Attachment Theory Really Matter?

March/April 2011
In recent years, attachment theory, with its emphasis on early bonding, connection and relationship, has exerted as much influence over the field of psychotherapy as any other perspective. Why then do some critics believe that it's sending therapists off on the wrong track?

Case Study

Addicted to Sex: There are no shortcuts in treating SA

March/April 2010
Effective work with sex addicts must address deep-seated attachment wounds.

The New Monogamy

How Far Should We Go?

July/August 2010
Whether we like it or not, today's couples feel far less encumbered by the legal, social, and moral strictures of traditional marriage and its obligations. Increasing numbers are negotiating what they mean by "fidelity" and how they wish to define monogamy in their relationship.

Foreign Affairs

Infidelity Has Different Meanings In Different Cultures

July/August 2010
My Parisian colleague was shocked to learn that American therapists typically encourage couples not only to confess their affairs, but also to share the details.

Out of the Shadow

What's the Prevalence of Porn Doing to Our Psyches?

November/December 2009
A revolution in how people access and use pornography has taken the therapy community by surprise. Now some experts believe that an epidemic of porn use is society's newest and most challenging mental health problems.

Why Him? Why Her?

A Massive Internet Survey Proposes and Answer to An Age-Old Question

May/June 2009
An ambitious empirical study oh how biological temperament steers people toward a particular personality type as a romantic partner offers the prospect of unraveling one of the oldest human mysteries.

The Untold Story

Carol Gilligan on Recapturing the Lost Voice of Pleasure

November/December 2002
In her new book, The Birth of Pleasure, Carol Gilligan has tried to probe the root of what makes intimate partnership between men and women so difficult. What is there about this book that makes critics both love and hate it?
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