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Clinician's Digest

Making Mindfulness More Racially Sensitive

March/April 2018
A push to make mindfulness practices more racially sensitive.

Editor's Note

November/December 2015
This issue of the Networker is an attempt to explore what we can contribute as a profession to the “conversation about race,” which, as lame and ungainly as the phrase often sounds, keeps heating up around us, even as most of us have done our best to ignore it. The intent is not somehow to analyze racism as yet another clinical problem that we can solve through our good intentions, insight, and therapeutic ingenuity, but to recognize the hard and uncomfortable truth of how racist oppression, explicit or implicit, doesn’t just harm “them.” Ultimately, it harms us all.
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The View From Black America

Listening to the Untold Stories

November/December 2015
Many poor, young, black people see themselves as trapped behind a wall-less prison with no exits. They know all too well that their daily experience—whether it’s going to lousy schools, succumbing to drug use and abuse, or being the victims of crime and lack of employment prospects—doesn’t matter unless it disrupts the lives of the white mainstream.
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Black Unlike Me

Some Uncomfortable Reflections on Growing Up White

November/December 2015
At a time when many are calling for a renewed national conversation about race, an aging, liberal, white New Yorker—who admits he’s never been a party to any such conversation, not with a black person anyway—shares some highly uncomfortable, extremely personal reflections.
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Clinician's Digest

The Emotional Emancipation Movement

September/October 2015
After the unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore, the Emotional Emancipation movement offers a different way to address racial issues in the African American community.

Kenneth Hardy on The Attack on Diversity

March/April 2015
Manualized psychotherapy is squeezing out people on the margins of mainstream society.

Case Study

The Black Shadow: Facing the Taboo Issue of Race in the Consulting Room

November/December 2013
Raising the issue of race in therapy can help African American clients connect their personal struggles to an enduring cultural legacy that many insist isn’t supposed to matter anymore.

In Consultation

The New Face of Racism: Today, No One is Immune to the Effects of Discrimination

September/October 2011

In today’s multicultural world, no one is immune to the emotional fallout of discrimination.

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