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Case Study

From Tough Love to Empathic Love: Teaching Parents to Earn Their Children’s Respect

September/October 2017
Helping families move past stalemates often means teaching parents to earn their children’s respect.

The Empathy Gap

Digital Culture Needs What Talk Therapy Offers

November/December 2016
Conditioned by the experience of life on the screen, clients today find it harder to concentrate on face-to-face conversation. They may not even see its value, feeling more comfortable with the self they can present through their digital devices. More than ever, the mores of therapy—the value therapy places on being with, forming an empathic bond, and the quiet attention necessary to do this—has become a crucial cultural corrective.
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The Cult of DSM

Ending Our Allegiance to the Great Gazoo

March/April 2014
Labeling clients with DSM diagnoses is a ritual most of us perform to get reimbursed and pay our mortgages, but few of us actually believe in. Has the time finally come for us to take our dissatisfaction with the DSM seriously and turn it into something more than a bitter complaint?
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Clinician's Digest

July/August 2011
- A game changer for therapy? - The impact of therapist skill on research trails - The illusion of therapeutic truths

Visionary or Voodoo?

Daniel Amen's Crusade Has Some Neuroscientists Up in Arms

September/October 2005
What's made Daniel Amen such a lightning rod within the world of academic neuroscience and psychiatry?

Clinician's Digest

July/August 2008
Therapy and global warming * Digitally connecting with kids * Talk therapy for schizophrenia * A new online therapy * Mild violence? * Sad lawyers

The Evolution of Modern Sex Therapy

A Look Back

March/April 1999
Twenty years after the sexual revolution, in the most sexually explicit culture in the world, a surprisingly large number of people continue to have difficulties with the sexual basics.
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