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What's In A Brand?

What Campbell’s and Dr. Phil Know

September/October 2013
For therapists, traditional ways of getting the word out—an ad here, a few hints to colleagues there, even a fancy website—just won’t cut it anymore. In a world of information overload, having a brand that stands out is the only way to attract clients.

The Business of Therapy

Facebook and Your Practice: Developing your social-networking savvy

January/February 2010
More than a time-consuming diversion, Facebook can play a central role in marketing your practice.

The Business of Therapy

Web Marketing on a Shoestring: The fundamentals of starting—or growing—a practice

November/December 2009
A primer for web marketing for practitioners on a shoestring budget.

Pink-Spoon Marketing

A model for the therapy practice of the future

March/April 2009
The old face-to-face service model for our practices is no longer in sync with social and cultural shifts. It's time to refocus on how to serve our clients better while we ensure our own economic survival.

Who Are You?

3 ways to define your niche and clarify your practice

July/August 2007
Many of us aren't terribly skilled at explaining our life's work to others. Defining your niche can be a very helpful first step to finding new clients.

Harnessing the Winds of Change

It's the perfect time to reinvent your private practice

July/August 2007
Although business as usual may no longer be an option for therapists, the adjustments required to stay afloat could prove to be incredibly generative, not just for individual practices, but for the profession.

How to Develop a Money Mindset

Investing for Success in Your Therapy Business

July/August 2007
A practical guide for getting past the common fear of spending money to increase your referrals and grow your practice.
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