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Falling in Love Again

A Brief History of Psychoactive Drugs

July/August 2014
Over the last 150 years, we’ve seen waves of mass infatuations with psychotropic drugs—antidepressants being the latest. While all these drugs are different, their story arc seems to follow a predictable course.
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Clinician's Digest

Psychotherapy and the Affordable Care Act * Ecstasy in the Consulting Room

January/February 2014

Taming The Wild Things

Helping Anxious Kids and Their Parents

January/February 2013
In this age of helicopter parents and protective child professionals, we can often recreate a potent anxiety- reinforcing system around children that not only rewards anxiety, but encourages it to grow and take over even more of the child’s life.

Clinician's Digest II

The Antipsychotic Epidemic

January/February 2013

Clinician's Digest

September/October 2012
- Analysis for autism - Researchers' reliance on college students - New off-label PTSD medications - Is manhood in danger

Clinician's Digest

November/December 2010
- The end of the Psychotrophic Age? - Can Therapists Save the World? - Preventing Combat Trauma - Whatever Happened to Empathy?


The Myth of Overmedication: Correcting Stereotypes About Kids' Mental Heath

July/August 2010
Popular stereotypes aside, it turns out we aren't overmedicating and overdiagnosing our kids.


The Art of the Practical: The Triumphs and Limits of Psychotherapy

May/June 2009
From Freud to Zoloft, the story of therapy in this country has been the triumph of pragmatism over esoteric theory.

A Quiet Revolution

Therapists Are Learning a New Way to Be With Their Clients

January/February 2008
If you're a therapist these days, it's hard to open a publication—or your mailbox—without hearing about mindfulness. Are the Eastern wisdom traditions changing the face of our field and our notions of the therapeutic relationship?

Clinician's Digest

Conflict Mediation for Siblings

September/October 2007
* Is Therapy Harmful? * The Unintended Consequences of Black-Labeling Antidepressants * A Depression Vaccine * Unexpected Resilience Among Adolescents * Mediating Sibling Quarrels * The Difference Between Rage and Anger
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