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Clinician's Digest

Do Brain Games Build Cognitive Muscle? * Grim Job Prospects for Mental Health Grad

May/June 2014
Brain games and grad prospects

West Meets East

Creating a New Wisdom Tradition

September/October 2011

As mindfulness practices work their way into the psychotherapeutic mainstream, we’re starting to ask more clinically sophisticated questions: Who needs what practice when? What about the downsides of some mindfulness interventions?


Why Men Fear Therapy

May/June 2010
Shame is the least understood dimension of men's inner experience—by both men themselves and the people who live with them. This lack of understanding may be the key to why fewer than one-third of psychotherapy clients are male.
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Case Studies

Reversing Chronic Pain: Ten steps to reduce suffering

July/August 2009
More and more chronic pain patients are being referred to therapists after their physicians conclude that they show every appearance of being healed.

The Open Secret

Affairs Are Usually a Collusion of Mutual Deception

May/June 1993
A secret affair is almost like an oxymoron, like an unmoving earthquake—no matter how much effort is expended on keeping it hidden, its impact severely shakes, and sometimes devastates, the comfortable certainties of marriage.
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