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Turns in the Road

Highlights from the Networker Journey

January/February 2017
Out of all the hundreds and hundreds of articles that have appeared in the Networker over the past four decades, we’ve chosen a small sampling that captures the magazine’s most journalistic side, conveying not so much the eternal verities of our profession, but the sense of reading a first draft of the field’s history. Among other things, you’ll find therapeutic methods that, as exciting as they seemed at the moment, didn’t stand the test of time as well as initial forays into discussing complex issues we’re still struggling with today. We’ve also added in a few examples of writing so immediate and compelling that they have an air of timelessness. Prepare yourself for an interesting journey.
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Therapy in 3D

Lessons from Body Psychotherapy

July/August 2004
Since the days of Wilhelm Reich, somatic psychotherapy has existed as a somewhat estranged relative of mainstream talk therapy. But with the increased focus on the mind-body connection, it's finally time to take a look at what somatic therapists might have to teach their oh-so-talky colleagues.

Breathing Lessons

Getting Beyond the Limits of Talk Therapy

September/October 2002
I'm a traditional talk therapist, who'd like to explore using mind-body techniques to help clients calm down, but I don't know how to begin. What can I do that doesn't involve learning a whole new set of esoteric skills?
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