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Case Study

Breaking Free: A Mind-Body Approach to Retraining the Brain

March/April 2011
Putting the power of neuroplasticity to work in the consulting room.

Family Matters

Run with It!: Redefining the Comfort Zone

January/February 2008
A woman recovering from cancer develops a new sense of her body and her comfort zone.

The Breakthrough

Waking Up to Life in a Mind-Body-Spirit Group

May/June 2000
On the day I understood that something had to change, I was sitting in a newspaper editorial meeting, feeling the slight, probing pressure behind my right eye that signaled the onset of a migraine headache. Stay cool, I firmly told myself. You can handle this. "Handling this" meant doing what I had been doing for the past 18 years or so of persistent migraines--dosing myself with drugs and resolutely pretending to be fine.
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