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In Consultation

Priming Clients for Taking New Practices Home

March/April 2018
Four steps to help clients take new practices learned in the consulting room back into their everyday lives.

Case Study

Navigating the Bipolar Spectrum: Diagnosing Mood Disorders Requires Great Care

March/April 2017
Diagnosing and treating mood disorders can be tricky, especially when it comes to an often overlooked, subtle form of bipolar II.

Point of View

Introvert Power: Susan Cain Wants to Correct a Cultural Bias

July/August 2016
Susan Cain, the bestselling author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, believes that our world has been ruled by extroverts long enough.

Point of View

Destigmatizing Autism: The Future of Neurodiversity

November/December 2015
Author Steve Silberman discusses what it means to view autistic people as individuals seeing the world in a different way, rather than just a checklist of deficits.

Cure or Control?

Depression as a Chronic Condition

November/December 2014
Evidence continues to accumulate that many people with depression suffer bouts of it all their lives, even after a good response to therapy. So what if we give up the idea of cure and opt for the idea of management?

The Rise of the Two-Dimensional Parent

Are Therapists Seeing a New Kind of Attachment?

September/October 2014
We used to think that disordered attachment was the result of early parental neglect or abuse. But today, has a paradoxical mix of parental overinvolvement and inattention led to a social epidemic of pseudo-attachment?
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Why Men Fear Therapy

May/June 2010
Shame is the least understood dimension of men's inner experience—by both men themselves and the people who live with them. This lack of understanding may be the key to why fewer than one-third of psychotherapy clients are male.
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Vertically Challenged

Treating the Nonhierarchical Family

September/October 2009
Parenting and childhood today often seem to have more in common with abstract expressionism than with Norman Rockwell. But is this transformation of the nature of family norms and values such a bad thing?

The Missing Piece

Helping Asperger's clients find connection

July/August 2009
To go through life with Asperger's as an adult is like walking onto a stage and being the only actor who doesn't know the lines or plot. But as the condition becomes better understood, therapists are developing ways to provide stages directions that can make a difference.

Clinician's Digest

A Battle for the APA's Soul

January/February 2008
Controversy at APA * Motivating the Depressed Client * Educational Videos for Babies Flunk * Different Alcoholics, Different Treatments * Does Therapy Breed Isolation? * Exercise Outraces Depression
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