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Editor's Note

July/August 2012
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Yesterday’s Ethics Vs. Today’s Realities

Boundaries in an Age of Informality

July/August 2012
As the status of therapist has shifted from an oversized figure with Svengali-like powers to an overworked and underpaid service provider at the mercy of the client-consumer who might sue him or her for some infraction, what are we to make of our traditional ethical codes.
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Clinician's Digest

September/October 2008
Researching for dollars * Fog of war * End-of-life decisions * When spouses come out * A true alcohol buzz * "Please call 911" * Torture and psychologists' reputations

The Ethical Eye

Don't Let "Risk Management" Undermine Your Professional Approach

July/August 2007
The best form of risk management for your practice may be doing what you think is right.
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