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Family Matters

The Last Joke: The Pathos of a May-December Marriage

July/August 2019
A shared sense of humor can help couples make heavy issues feel lighter. But what happens when there’s no one there to get the joke?

Clinician's Digest

Has Porn Become a Public Health Crisis?

July/August 2016
Has pornography become a public health crisis?
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Scott Miller on Resolving Our Identity Crisis

March/April 2015
To move forward, our profession needs a more consistent message about what we have to offer.

Case Studies

Eros and Aging: Is good enough sex right for you?

July/August 2008
Despite marketing blitz, Viagra hasn't turned out to be the neat remedy for erectile dysfunction for men over 50 that was promised. Can therapists offer aging couples more enduring help as they proceed through the life cycle?

Fixing Health Care

What Role Will Therapists Play?

May/June 2007
The crisis in healthcare delivery presents therapists with a unique opportunity to help revamp the system and expand their practices.

Being There

The Dalai Lama Gets Buddhism and Neuroscience to Go Face to Face

January/February 2006
In Washington, D.C., this fall, the Dalai Lama brought together a distinguished group of contemplatives and world-class scientists to explore the links between stress, health, and meditation. The result was a sometimes laborious, sometimes luminous conversation that suggested that spirituality and science may not be so irreconcilable after all.

Beyond Viagra

Why the Promise of Cure Far Exceeds the Reality

May/June 2004
Despite all the hoopla, the dropout rate for Viagra exceeds 40 percent. A case explores the aspects of middle-aged sexuality that no drug can address.

Inside the Sexual Crucible

The Thrill of Connection Opens Us to the Terror of Loss and Pain

March/April 1993
For most married people, the magnetic force that drew them together in the first place has so weakened that marriage has become almost synonymous with sexual ennui. Indeed, the withering away of eroticism in marriage, particularly as spouses age, is apparently so widespread in our society that it's commonly rationalized as normal, if not actually desirable. But whether defined by the sex therapy establishment as "functional" or "dysfunctional," people complaining of a loss of the vital sense of connection they once knew often are deathly afraid of the very intimacy and eroticism they're craving.
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