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In Consultation

Teaching Couples to Tap

September/October 2016
Could eliminating blocks in couples therapy be as simple as learning where to tap?

Scott Lilienfeld on Let Science Be Our Guide

March/April 2015
Therapists are far more impressed with clinical fads than they should be.

The Case for Energy Psychology

Snake oil or therapeutic power tool?

November/December 2010
A wizened, seen-it-all psychologist describes how he came to embrace an approach that much of the orthodox psychotherapy world considers the latest incarnation of snake oil.

A Smile after the Storm

On the Front Lines

November/December 2010
A young orphan in Rwanda learns to get beyond an experience of unimaginable horror.

Clinician's Digest

November/December 2009
Energy Therapies want respect * More proof that client feedback improves therapy * Therapy's effect on brain cells * Therapists as myth purveyors * Is googling clients a good idea? * When clients interview multiple therapists * The worst media therapy yet!

Case Studies

Reversing Chronic Pain: Ten steps to reduce suffering

July/August 2009
More and more chronic pain patients are being referred to therapists after their physicians conclude that they show every appearance of being healed.

Defining Psychotherapy

The Last 25 Years Have Taught Us That It's Neither Art nor Science

March/April 2007
At last count, therapists could choose from among 500 different treatment techniques. But after all these years, there's still no evidence that the overall effectiveness of therapy has improved. Could the problem be that we still don't understand the fundamental nature of psychotherapy?
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