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Point of View

The Rise of Neurofeedback

November/December 2017
Neurofeedback has brought a powerful new technology into the consulting room.

Spitting in the Client's Soup

Don’t Overthink Your Interventions

March/April 2015
In our profession, it’s often more alluring to explore new gimmicks than to acknowledge that our success largely hinges on simple, commonsense factors.

The Mindfulness Explosion

The Perils of Mainstream Acceptance

January/February 2015
By replacing the exotic aura of spirituality with the language of science and a down-to-earth self-help approach, mindfulness has brought practices once considered New Age hokum into mainstream acceptance. But as it increasingly becomes a product to be sold in the marketplace, does it risk losing something vital to its transformative power?

When Meditation Isn't Enough

Going Beyond Acceptance to Healing

September/October 2011

A psychotherapist discusses the next step: how to help clients transform the disruptive feelings and thoughts that they’ve learned to simply observe during meditation.

West Meets East

Creating a New Wisdom Tradition

September/October 2011

As mindfulness practices work their way into the psychotherapeutic mainstream, we’re starting to ask more clinically sophisticated questions: Who needs what practice when? What about the downsides of some mindfulness interventions?

Clinician's Digest

January/February 2010
Warring Therapists * An increasing placebo effect * The argument for preventing depression * The unanticipated consequences of cancer treatment * Is child abuse always traumatizing? * The therapy-science debate * Advances in treatment for borderline personality disorder

The Art of Therapeutic Conversation

November/December 2005

Clinician's Digest

November/December 2007
- Good News About Childhood ADHD - Beware of Internet Self-Disclosure - When Friendship Turns Toxic - More Therapies for Borderline Personalities - Depression, Pregnancy, and SSRIs - Yawning in Therapy

Crisis Land

A View From Inside A Behavioral Health Team

May/June 2007
Attending to clients' mental health issues as part of a behavioral health team can be both stressful and exhilarating.

A Look at the Evidence

Top 10 Research Findings of the Last 25 Years

March/April 2007
Whatever the skeptics say, our research editor argues that the last quarter-century has produced an astonishing amount of meaningful research. Here's the list of his Top 10 research developments of the past generation.
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