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Scott Miller on Resolving Our Identity Crisis

March/April 2015
To move forward, our profession needs a more consistent message about what we have to offer.

Clinician's Digest

How to Help Learning Stick for Clients * What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Psychotherapy?

September/October 2013

The Road To Mastery

What’s Missing from this Picture?

May/June 2011
Therapists usually enter the field because they’re drawn to it and have innate capacities to do the work. But whether they excel depends largely on their professional community. Unfortunately, current psychotherapy practice doesn’t foster excellence as much as mediocrity, inertia, and an intense fear of change.

Practice Makes Perfect

There's no shortcut to lasting change

September/October 2008
Many clients believe that the therapy process all by itself will magically improve their lives and relationships. We must help them recognize that without their own consistent efforts, therapy is unlikely to give them what they want.


What's the Secret of Their Success?

November/December 2007
Why do some therapists clearly stand out above the rest, consistently getting far better results than most of their colleagues? According to the research, it isn't training, experience, theory, personality style, or even raw talent that makes the difference.
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