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Case Study

A Playful Path to Attachment

September/October 2018
Through games that encourage small moments of laughter, a struggling mother and her adopted daughter learn a different way to bond.
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Case Study

The Challenge of Helping the People Pleaser: Setting Boundaries Can Be Risky

July/August 2018
Helping clients set boundaries can be a risky business, especially when people pleasing has been a lifelong strategy. * Commentary by Courtney Armstrong

What Therapists Want

It’s Certainly Not Money or Fame!

May/June 2011
A close-up look at a 20-year, multinational study that captures the heart of therapists’ aspirations---and perhaps the soul of our professional identity.

Opening The Path

From What Is to What Can Be

May/June 2011
Down for the count, a therapist again discovers that even the most hopeless sessions can have a positive outcome if you stay with the process.

The Nightgown

In Search of the Answerman

March/April 2011
A determined patient searches for therapeutic insight from an unlikely source.

Rediscovering the Mystery

For John O'Donohue, Therapy Is a Journey into the Unknown Self

November/December 2005
As the pressure grows to do even briefer, more technical, symptom-focused, standardized treatments, poet, philosopher, and former priest John O'Donohue believes that therapy should be about awakening the human capacity for divine imagination.

The Tao of Improv

Embracing life on the edge

January/February 2009
Improvisational theater offers a unique way of approaching relationships—and psychotherapy—that's generous rather than closed, support rather than competitive, organic rather than scripted.

Breaking Through

Poet David Whyte Invites Us to the Edge of Discovery

November/December 2008
Poet David Whyte offers an idiosyncratic fusion of verse, myth, story, and personal charisma, demonstrating to audiences all over the world that psychology doesn't go far enough in making us face the "dangerous truths" of life.

Case Study

The Healing Power of Play: Helping the Traumatized Child Find Safety Again

September/October 2008
When a small child has been traumatized and frozen in fear, the releasing and disarming power of play can be the key to healing.


Blinded by Science: Are There Ways of Knowing That We Refuse to Acknowledge?

January/February 2008
Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind. A book by a respected researcher argues that telepathy and clairvoyance may be on a continuum with more common traits of intuition and empathy.
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