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The Politics of Mental Health

Highlights from Symposium 2019

May/June 2019
Pioneering trauma specialist Bessel van der Kolk took aim not only at the politics within the therapy field that determine what diagnoses get into the DSM, but the politics in the larger arena that lead people to ignore the prevalence of trauma in society.
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Point of View

New Technologies for Today’s Practitioners: Using Virtual Reality to treat PTSD

March/April 2016
The increasingly accessible and inexpensive technology of virtual reality now enables us to incorporate digital Skinner boxes in our practices that can enhance healing for trauma survivors.

The Puzzle of PTSD

Does the PTSD Diagnosis Do More Harm Than Good?

November/December 2010
Does the diagnosis of PTSD actually hamper therapists' ability to help combat veterans do the hard work of coming to terms with their war experiences?

Rules of Engagement

A Civilian Therapist’s Guide to the Military Mindset

November/December 2010
What civilian therapists need to know about military culture and life in a combat zone to best serve veterans struggling with war trauma.

Clinician's Digest

November/December 2010
- The end of the Psychotrophic Age? - Can Therapists Save the World? - Preventing Combat Trauma - Whatever Happened to Empathy?

Case Studies

Suddenly Strangers: Iraq War Vets, PTSD, and the Challenge of Relationship

January/February 2008
With tens of thousands of Iraq War vets with PTSD returning home, therapists increasingly face the challenge of helping them with their troubled marriages.

Bringing the War Home

The Challenge of Helping Iraq War Vets

January/February 2007
Will all we've learned about treating combat stress and psychological trauma since Vietnam help us handle the tsunami of mental health problems the Iraq War is stirring up?
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