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Complexity Choir

The eight domains of self-integration

January/February 2010
As unlikely as it may sound, the mathematics of complexity theory could offer us the key to the elusive secrets of mental health and personal well-being.

The Precarious Present

Why is it So Hard to Stay in the Moment?

November/December 2006
All of us ruminate, bringing up the cud of old, unresolved problems. But far from being idle mind chatter, most of these mental distractions are actually the brain's attempt to protect us from the prospect of mortal danger.

A Week of Silence

Quieting the Mind and Liberating the Self

November/December 2006
How would it feel to sit completely still for a week, not communicating with anyone, just tuning in to the seemingly chaotic jumble of your own thoughts? A neuropsychiatrist takes us along on the ups, downs, and surprising twists of his journey into mindfulness.
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